Unity Game Engine/Maya/Photoshop/Nividia Photoshop Plug-In/Quixel NDO2 / Crazybump

About //  Banditosaurus is a 3rd Person Shooter Demo developed for PC using the Unity Engine. I served as an Environment Artist on the project. I was responsible for revamping the canyon tutorial as well as the main gameplay areas before the boss fight/arena. The environment was composed of custom assets that I made using Autodesk Maya with full texture maps and hand-painted textures. Additionally, the western town was populated with free/bought assets from the Unity Asset Store particularly the Pro Western Start Pack, Stone Age Weapons Pack, Free Barrows Wagons, Converted Boxcar, Wooden Box, Wooden Box Chair, Nature Starter Kit 1/2, and Medieval Gold Pack.  Additionally, I was responsible for lighting and set-dressing the scene. The entire process of the environment redux took approximately 4 weeks.

Individual Models & Texture Maps:

Sidewalk Plank - 200 TRIS

Wood Rot Roof - 260 TRIS

Wood Base - 102 TRIS

Wood Beam - 44 TRIS

Bath - 108 TRIS

Store Sign - 108 TRIS

Wagon Wheel - 536 TRIS

2D Art Assets: