2015 - Vamprotector PC Release Preview

It is a non-profit fan-game that combines elements from Castlevania and Contra.

I started using the BOR Engine, then I switch to Multimedia Fusion 2, and finally upgrading to Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

I have used a variety of spritework from various games using open-sourced sprites. I have also included my own original custom sprites  and animations in the game.  All the levels and the layout is designed by me as well.

All the music in the game is original and produced by BMC_Warmachine.


The plot of Vamprotector is loosely based on the Tomb of Dracula comic series by Marvel Comics where the protagonists travel back in time to prevent Dracula from ever resurrecting.  Our two heroes, Richter Belmont and Jeremiah Van Helsing are thrown through a magic mirror where they must travel through different time periods collecting shards of the mirror preparing for their finally confrontation with Dracula.

The Antagonists in Richter's timeline are the Castlevania version of Dracula and Death, however in Van Helsing's timeline that version of Dracula is based on the Bram Stoker version and Carmilla.

The game is a cross between Castlevania and Contra. You can switch between a Whip Mode or Gun Mode anytime during gaemplay. It has 360 whipping, 360 shooting, Contra somersaulting, whip swinging, and Richter's backflip.

There is a intricate HUD system where you have a combo system where you can combine your whip, items, or guns accquired during gameplay in order to create more powerful weaponry.

2009- Vamprotector originally started using the Beats Of Rage Engine by Senile Team.

With it users can create their own beat-em up games, however we tweaked it to make a sidescroller game instead.

All the videos and images are in Pre-Alpha Phase.,3623.0.html

Vamprotector OST

2011- Vamprotector: Recital of Blood

I am co-producing a original soundtrack that is going to be released with the game. 

It is a original CD. All the music is hard rock renditions and combinations of the most memorable Castlevania and Contra music performed with real instruments.

All the musi c is original pieces written, performed, and composed by BMC_Warmachine and being Co-Produced by myself.

The OST is currently being remastered.

The Design Process

When designing stages for my game, sometimes I like to use a paint program such as Photoshop CS6 and make a mockup of the level before importing it into engine.  

I use the same modular modeling process like I do for 3D. Creating my asset in Photoshop and then importing it into Clickteam Fusion 2.5 , finally putting the stage together in the actual game engine. Other times, I may just create a stage entirely in the engine from scratch.

Photoshop Mockup
Sometimes the mockup has a different layout than the final product in engine.


Spriting  for me can consist of me using open sourced sprites from online and sites such as The Spriter's Resource, however there are plenty of occasions where a individual sheet doesn't have the actual animation or asset that I need. In that case I have to design it myself from scratch using Photoshop such as the animations shown here.

Additionally, I like to sprite all my level design with Photoshop by making modular sprites and assigning everything to layers for consistency sake.

Stage Conception

You can see the evolution of a stage concept from the infancy stage to Alpha and finally Beta.

Pre Alpha

Alpha Pass


A glimpse inside the Event Editor for Fusion 2.5 Here I  create effects, and events that happen in my game. I can also  test my progress through this screen.

I created the entire game's engine  using  Clickteam Fusion 2.5. It is a script-free programming tool that allows users to create interactive software to include games with a range of GUI tools. It boasts a powerful drag and drop interface. Previously I was working with it's predecessor, Multimedia Fusion 2.


After taking the animation created in Photoshop I will import the frames created in Fusion 2.5. I will experiment with a variety of different animations.


-2 distinct weapon modes
-2 Player Simultaneous Mode
-Weapon and Item Fusion Modes
-Custom Soundtrack Release
-PS3 Wireless Controller Support